Reach out if you'd like to offer potential representation of my nonfiction work. 

Once upon a time, I was a wannabe author bursting with creativity and excitement. I went quickly from taking online classes to writing my first book to miraculously landing an agent to even more miraculously getting that first book published. Culmination of a dream, right?


More like an embarrassing nightmare. Instead of knocking the entire Gossip Girl series off the charts like I expected to, the novel was met with some major vitriol. For every one girl who wrote to say she loved the book, there three more on Amazon proclaiming it, "One of the worst books I've ever read. It's amazing I actually finished it without dying of boredom." With every subsequent book release, my PTSD grew as my confidence as a writer shrunk down to the size of a forgotten raisin that's covered in pet hair and lost under the couch.   

I needed to do SOMETHING. Because I certainly wasn't staying where I was. So I misguidedly headed off to one of the literary world’s most hoighty-toighty conferences to try and prove my worth, despite the fact that I'm a YA author and not in the least bit literary. 

JUST F*CKING WRITE IT follows my epic journey to Literaryland and back, detailing my extreme efforts to get the f*&k over all the self-doubt, false starts, and unhappy endings to rediscover why I wanted to be a writer in the first place. Told through a mainline narrative and pop culture footnote tangents hidden inside (mostly) memes, this little gem explores larger themes of alienation and connection, success and failure, the universality of the human experience, and just how neurotic writers really are. Also, it’s pretty hilarious.